Fixed Fares: Agreed Pay and Go

Posted On: May 20,2019

We at Book Maxi Cab Melbourne always prefer to go with Fixed fares rather than Metered. Fixed fare always is a peace of mind to go with. Once a fare is mutually agreed between Maxi Cab company and customer the rest of the journey is then hassle free. It is a win-win situation for both the parties. One can imagine how appealing it would be when you know what exactly you will be paying before even you start your journey.

These Fixed price Maxi Vans can lead to a Reliable, Enjoyable and Cheap Maxi cab and Taxi cab ride around the town. Reliable because if you go by meter the longer the route a driver takes the customer end up paying more and drivers make money out of it. Customers from outside Australia who don't have much local knowledge about the route end up paying a costly ride. When fixed price comes into effect you don't need to bother a bit, which way you are being taken. Enjoyable obviously because there is no last minute surprise of paying anything extra this ultimately leads to a cheap ride around.

We expect that customers update us with a complete journey rather than just coming up with last minute changes, because the way fixed fare works is, it is calculated based on the distance between point A and point B. If while booking, we are informed about any deviations in the journey it will help us give you an exact estimate which would avoid last min disagreement.

When a fare is mutually agreed between Maxi Cab Company and customer it is based on the time of the journey as stated by the customer. It is expected that customer should abide by the time which he booked for. If any changes, then it is ethical to call us back and update us with the latest changes. This way you are preventing someone's time being spoiled. Please remember that our driver works against all the odds to make it on time to the pickup address. It will be disheartening to discover that the customer is not yet ready and asking more time or letting the driver wait with no extra pay. Please remember that we are in the market to help you move from your pickup address to your destination at a set time. If customer does not honour the time it would be difficult for us to provide high quality service.

Customer should be aware that when a fare is agreed with Maxi Cab Melbourne we are talking in terms of Cash. If a customer prefers to pay through the card, it can be any card, credit card, debit card, Key card it will cost them 5% Service fee, which is charged to them by their financial institute for using the card in taxis. Neither the company nor the driver will get a cent out of it.

Fixed fares cover almost everything from booking fees, tolls, Maxi Cab surcharge and Melbourne airport parking fee for Maxi Cab. It is quoted for the ease of customer so that a customer feel relaxed and have saving with him as he never have to spend anything over what he is being promised for.

With Set fare customer can be at ease for various issues like which route driver taking but Book Maxi Cab Melbourne expect our drivers to take the shortest and quickest route possible.

There might be an instance when due to circumstances a detour is unavoidable. The detour can be lengthy and in most cases it can be very crowdie as many other vehicles try to go through. In such cases set fare is no less than a blessing.

Peak hour traffic, whether going to catch a flight from Melbourne Airport or trying to rush back from Melbourne airport to office or home. On the travel season, especially events like Footy finals or Spring racing festival Tullamarine freeway will be too busy to commute from. But we don't have an alternate if you are travelling to the city or south east suburbs. Even in these tough traffic conditions set fare or fixed fare comes as a blessing in disguise where in customer savings is given top priority rather than throwing away extra cash in a taxi for no fault of yours.

Fixed fares are calculated taking into account all the above mentioned route challenges and the main engine behind this calculation is provided by the CPVV's taxi fare calculator. This will give you an idea of how much you can expect the fare to be from point A to Point B. But one thing to keep in mind is this is just an estimate as to what could be the fare. The final amount can go higher of bit lower depending on the traffic and road conditions.

With fixed fares we would like to offer customer a flat rate 24*7 and 365 days without any surge pricing as most of the other ride sharing companies do. No matter how busy or how crowded it is you would never hear from us about surge pricing. Prices will always be reachable and affordable for customer from all walks of life. Surge pricing is no less than a shock for the customers hard earned money. Book Maxi Cab Melbourne takes that uncertainty out by fixing the fares, customer know what exactly he pays before he gets in a Maxi Cab/Taxi Cab.

Apart from many benefits it gives customers a chance to manage their budget. Since customer knows what he will pay beforehand they can plan other thing which they could not if go by metered fare of through surge pricing. No need to keep an eye on the Maxi cab meter and no need to worry getting stuck in the traffic. If on Meter you are paying to sit in the traffic. What for? It's not your fault. Customer can utilize that money on himself for many other important reasons.

In Fixed fare with Book Maxi Cab the Customers are getting the same level of quality for a competitive price with round the clock service entire year. Customers pay in the form of Cash or pay by Card, whichever you are at ease with.

Book Maxi Cab offers easy upfront payment through our PayPal service. It lets you pay for the amount agreed for your loved ones to travel with us. If you want to gift a surprise taxi ride to your guest we are ready to take you by storm.

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