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Wedding Maxi Cab Services

Melbourne Maxi Cabs are a great solution for a group transfer to Weddings.

We offer a range of packages for Wedding car and you have a wide choice of maxi cabs to book from.

We can provide a variety of colours in Maxi vans (like White, Yellow) with a decorated bridal trimmings.

For Availability it is a must to pre-book and pre-pay online.

Services can be offered anywhere in Victoria.

Wedding Maxi Cab

To transport your esteemed guests at a lower price compared to private hire cars it is always recommended to have a Maxi Cab.

Our fleet have White, Black or Yellow colours to choose from. There is a distinct reason why you should be opting for a Maxi Cab for weddings.

  • Extra Luggage room
  • Can carry up to 11 passengers
  • Pre-book and Pre-pay (Online Payments) Subject to Availability service and peace of mind
  • Maxi Cab/Taxi Cab for Weddings are suitably decorated with ribbons and flowers.

Not just limited to what’s listed above. For more details please get in touch with our team on +61 456108581

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