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1. How many seat in a maxi taxi/cab?

A maxi taxi/cab can fit around 10 to 11 passengers. with lite luggauge

2.what is the cost of maxicab/maxitaxi?

Maxi taxi/maxi van cost is very similar to a sedan cost but when there are more than 4 passenger than you have pay a surcharge of AUD 14.

3.How to book a maxi taxi/maxi van?

you can book a maxi taxi/maxi cab by calling us on 0456108581 or visit

4.Can i pre-book a maxi cab/maxi taxi?

Yes. we love pre-booking. you can pre-book a maxitaxi by visiting or call 0456108581

5.How much is Maxi taxi fare from Melbourne airport to CBD?

It depends on the time and day you are travelling. To get exact price pl call 0456108581

6. Maxi taxi/Maxi cab quote for Melbourne airport or Melbourne?

Please call one of our friendly staff on 0456108581 to get a free quote.

7. How to call a maxi taxi/maxi cab in melbourne?

To get a maxi taxi/maxi cab please give a call on 0456108581 or visit

8.Is there a Baby seat provided in Maxi taxi/maxi cab? does that cost extra?

Yes we do provide baby seat but for that you need to book in advance so that we can arrange one for you. It may cost extra if it is busy and we have to rent out for you.

9. Want fare estimation for maxi taxi.

Give us a call and provide us your pickup and drop off details we can then give you a better estimate.

10. Can a maxi taxi/maxi cab carry wheelchair passenger?

Not all maxi taxis can do that. But most have that provision.

11. How many wheelchairs can fit in a maxi taxi?

A maxi taxi can fit upto 2 wheelchairss

12.Does Maxicabs insured and does it cover public liability as well?

Well insured yes almost all but about public liability is not compulsary some do it but most dont.

13.What is the difference between a Maxi taxi and a normal taxi?

A maxi taxi is usually sort of mini bus which can carry upto 11 passengers. whereas a normal taxi can carry upto 4 passengers

14. Can you commit on travel time?

No. As it depends on what time and which route you will be travelling from. So we suggest we can give you an estimate time only at the start of journey.

15. Where can i find maxi taxi fare estimator?

You can find one at but it does give you a rough estimate. Final/actual fare may be different due to route and traffic on the way.

16. How many type of Melbourne airport transfer service?
  1. Taxi/Maxi taxi
  2. Skybus
  3. Melborne airport shuttle vans
17. Why book maxi taxi online?

Well the best answer is if you book online before arrival your maxi taxi will be ready at the airport or the pickup spot no matter how busy or what time of the day or night it is. Even if you flight delayed we will have, if you provide us with flight number, the driver will keep a track on the landing time and you wont disappoint at the last minute.

18. WHAT IS 13 CABS and silver top?

13 Cabs or silver top is the name of company which registers cabs. Most of our cabs are registered with silver top cabs or 13cabs b ut airport shuttle is not affiliated with them in anyway

19. Is there a cancellation fee for pre-booked taxi?

No. If you cancell in advance. But if there is a last minute change and the driver is already at your place then its advisable to make a deal with the driver for his efforts to be at your place on time.

20. Do you accept credit cards in taxis/Maxi taxis?

Yes we accept all cards.
Master card
Visav Diners
any Debit card/Key card

21. Is there an extra charge for using credit/debit card?

Yes as per the rules a 5% service fee is charged by the Bank for using the card in taxis.

22.How many people a maxi cab fits/ how much can a maxi cab take / maxi taxi passenger limit ?

A maxi taxi/cab can fit around 10 to 11 passengers. with lite luggauge.

23.Rates for maxi cab going to airport/ what are the charges for maxitaxi / how much is a taxi van ?

Maxi taxi/maxi van cost is very similar to a sedan cost but when there are more than 4 passenger than you have pay a surcharge of AUD 14.
Booking transport to Avalon airport please visit Book Maxi Cab Melbourne

24.Can I use maxi cab Melbourne for luggage shifting?

Yes maxi cabs can be used for luggage shifting.

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