Wheelchair Taxi Service Melbourne

Posted On: May 12,2020

Book maxi cab Melbourne provides services to people with disability needs. We have customer wheelchair taxi service exclusive for every suburb in Melbourne. We are good at carrying scooters and wheelchairs alike. We are among one of the best and reliable wheelchair taxi service when it comes to taking you around Melbourne to Melbourne airport or from Melbourne to Avalon airport

Our drivers are fully trained and certified by the Government in dealing with people with disabilities.

Fares for disabled access taxi are similar to the regular taxi. No extra charge apart from what is from the meter plus booking fee and if it is a taxi from Melbourne airport. Then the customer has to pay the airport parking fee. If using toll ways then the toll has to be bear by the customer. End of the trip customer has to pay only 50% of the metered fare.

Wheelchair Taxi Service In Melbourne

Wheelchair taxi is specially modified maxis taxi wherein there is a place to carry up to 2 wheelchairs and at least 4 passengers. Our driver not only helps in securing the wheelchair at all 4 points but will assist in loading and unloading.

There can be people with permanent disability and someone using a wheelchair taxi for visiting a doctor in case he/she met with some severe trauma. People with a permanent disability can apply for Multipurpose Taxi Program with Wheelchair. You need to hand this card to the driver at the start of the trip.

Multi-purpose taxi program covers not only people with permanent disability but anyone facing server disability or disability that is not likely to improve with treatment.

Taxi near me with book maxi cab always open to carry guide dogs.

Our Maxi Cabs are large enough to fit all type of disability vehicles like manual wheelchair, automatic wheelchair or mobility scooter. We are available 24/7 round the year to help you move from point A to Point B.

So instead of order taxi Melbourne and waiting for hours to be picked up why not try wheelchair taxi service with us and feel the difference.

Once called we bet you make us your regular.

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