Eliminate your Doubts and Fears about Maxi Cab Service

Posted On: Mar 8, 2021

There are many reasons why you should take a Maxi Cab instead of a Taxi. There are many transportation options these days, but still, it's hard to decide what to choose to get to your destination. Thinking whether you should drive yourself, hail a taxi or book a Melbourne taxi services. Hiring a maxi cab is often the best option.

There are many misconceptions in the market related to the maxi cab. Though maxi cab is a cab service very similar to any other cab due to its size many people think otherwise.

All our drivers are fully accredited and government registered. We don't let into our system any unaccredited driver. All our drivers must put up their identity card on the dashboard at all time when they are on the shift. This is to make sure that there is transparency to the customers about accreditation.

Our drivers are required to take the most direct, practicable route from when they pick up a customer to the requested destination unless otherwise directed by the customer. The driver can and should briefly consult with the customer when in doubt.

Taxi Melbourne has a total of 88701 taxi cabs registered in Victoria till date. That includes maxi cab and taxi cab both.

Let's first start with the most common of all.

Does maxi cab cost more to hire?

No. As long as you are up to 4 passengers it will cost you the same price as any other taxi cab service. But when you are more than 4 and up to 11, you have to pay an additional cost of $14 apart from the regular metered fare.

How many does a maxi cabs Melbourne fits?

It's a very common question and many people don't know this. Maxi cabs Melbourne can hold up to 11 passengers plus the driver. But commonly majority of the maxi cabs hold 10 passengers plus the driver. 11 seaters are available on special request.

Does Card Payment cost extra?

Yes. When you pay by card in any Taxi not just the Maxi cab in Victoria will attract a service fee of 5% from your Bank. Not a cent in that 5% comes to the company or the driver. Please refer to Commercial Passenger Vehicle Victoria for more info. There is no surcharge when you pay by Cash.

Does the customer have to pay tolls?

Yes. There are different routes to go to a particular destination but if you choose to take the tollway then the driver is liable to pay the toll to the Toll Road Provider hence he collects from the customer.

Does my taxi turn up if I book a taxi online?

100%. When you book a taxi online with book maxi cab Melbourne your taxi will be at your pickup address 5min before the scheduled time. As soon as we get an online booking request, we contact you on the listed number and if confirmed then a confirmation message is sent as an acknowledgment and the booking will be in our system till completed.

Maxi cab Services with baby seat?

If you are traveling with your baby/child and would like to have a taxi with a baby seat then give us a ring on maxi cab number 0456108581 for a prior arrangement. $10 service fee is applicable. Not all taxi cabs carry baby seat owning to space requirement. So, it's important that if you want such a taxi that you call in advance so that your request can be fulfilled.

You can get in touch with the dedicated customer support team in this company and clarify any doubt about booking taxi online deals. You will be stunned by the reasonable prices of maxi can deals and make essential changes in your way to book the taxi online. You will save priceless time as you can access the official website of this company and book a taxi cab with no doubt.

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