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Posted On: 23-Aug-2021

Book Maxi cab Melbourne provides fixed price parcel delivery service across Victoria. We deliver on time every time. Hiring a taxi Van to transport you from one place to another is one thing but hiring the same to deliver a parcel is an entirely different thing. Besides the difficulty of finding such a service provider, there is also the matter of trust. Our service is up and running 24*7*365 so you don't need to bother about AM, PM or holiday period. Get anything delivered anywhere around Melbourne.

Wave goodbye to couriers and get serious about your business' deliveries. Choose a reliable and cheap option by calling Maxi Cab and get your parcels delivered to your doorsteps. No personal contacts are required as we offer touch less and cashless payment options. If your goods fit in a car then we are here to get them delivered to you in record time. Our Package delivery service is comparably cheaper than mainstream couriers and speedier too. Unlike a regular delivery service, our driver will have only your parcel to deliver. Our drivers know their routes around and will choose the fastest and most direct route possible without any other pickup or stop on the way.

With a variety of taxis available with us, you can choose what sort of cab would be needed to deliver your parcel. A taxi van can be used to transport big items like mattresses, Sofas, Bicycles etc while an SUV can be used to transfer medium-sized parcels like baby mattress, arts, mirrors etc.

Unlike popular app-based taxis, we don't have any surcharge for your delivery anytime and anywhere around Melbourne and Victoria. All our drivers are fully accredited and have gone through police checks before getting onto wheels so you can rest assured that your parcel is in safe hands. Our drivers while collecting the parcel will drop their contact number along with the taxi plate number and will provide you with the Estimated time of arrival. Once arrived and delivered the goods they will get a docket signed from you confirming that it has been delivered on time without any damage.

Consider a scenario that you are a tyre business and got an urgent call for delivering 4 tyres to one of your customers. All your delivery drivers are busy and you don't have an option other than either cancelling the order or going out yourself and delivering. But both the options are not as good and viable as one would be the cause of a lost customer and for the other, you can afford to leave your business. Imagine just in one call Van Taxi turning up at your doors and your order delivered in no time. such is the reliability and ease of use when you book your package delivery with a maxi cab.

If it's urgent and you are worried about peak hour traffic now is the time to relax as taxi van Melbourne can use express lanes on most of the freeways to reach their destination faster than anyone else.

How to use MAXI MELBOURNE TAXI VANS for parcel booking?

Using a Taxi van as a courier is simple and less time-consuming. When you dial in our office just let us know you require our parcel delivery services and the details about the parcel's destination and we'll handle the rest. Can it be easier than this?

Alternatively, you can visit our website and fill-up the form then one of our experienced staff will be in touch with you asap.

Parcel delivery in today's tough and testing times is like fulfilling basic human needs. Taxi van Melbourne package delivery service is one of the finest in Melbourne at a price that most of the Melbournians can afford. The quickest delivery lowest price is our goal. We take the Safety of parcels and prevention of loss very seriously.

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