Taxi Driver Rights and Responsibilities

Posted On: May 20,2019

Drivers from Book Maxi Cab Melbourne - The most important job of a taxi driver is to make sure that he drives his customers to their destination in a safe, sound and the quickest possible manner. We at Book Maxi Cab Melbourne always make sure that this is being followed every time.

Taxi Driver Roles and Responsibilities are as follows


  • Driver of Maxi Cab from Book Maxi Cab Melbourne has to make sure that his cab is neat and clean and in a presentable form. It is also expected that the taxi driver should look well after himself and should care about his personal hygiene. It's definitely a bad experience for the customer if someone sitting next to you smells badly. Apart from personal Hygiene one should take care of his dress code. He should be dressed cleanly and in a professional manner.
  • For going to Melbourne airport Maxi Cab bookings driver will be at the pickup point 10min before the schedule time. The driver will be in touch with the given phone number and he will update you about the cab number and estimated time of arrival.
  • For all the landings at Melbourne airport maxi cab driver will be at the airport as soon as the flight land and will be waiting patiently for a call back from the customer.

Courteous and Polite

  • Taxi driver should be courteous and be patient with his customers. As a taxi driver you come across people from various backgrounds, they may have difficulty expressing themselves in proper English or at a time he may come across customers who have are physically challenged and may not be able to get in quickly into the cab. There could be many other reasons, but as a driver you have to maintain your calm and hold on to your nerves.
  • There could be a time when someone could call a cab in a last minute as a taxi driver you should be able to quickly analyse the route with options you have available like Google maps, Apple maps with real time traffic and should choose the quickest possible way.
  • At times if planning for the concert or an outing customers not able to make it on time, then we expect customers to call us in advance and update us with the latest time if Not the driver can give extra 10min without any cost and after that it might cost as per the delay.
  • As a Driver form Book Maxi Cab it is compulsory that he should help passenger with loading and unloading of luggage. Thus making the journey with us a smooth ride.
  • When dealing with Parcel bookings it is expected that the driver will top prioritise the parcel delivery and there should be someone at the receiving end to give an acknowledgement to the driver.
  • If any baby seats requested from customer it is must that a driver from Book Maxi Cab should provide him a clean and well fitted baby seat. Though as per the law, taxis are not required to carry baby seat.

Safety and Compliance

  • As per the Law the driver of Book Maxi Cab is expected to display his ID card all the time on which can be easily seen by the customers and as our customers are given Taxi number beforehand, it is must for the driver to keep his vehicle identity as clear as possible with clear signage.
  • As per the regulation, smoking and drinking is not allowed while the cab is moving. Though upon request driver from Book Maxi can allow you to smoke by pulling over the side of the road.
  • As a driver of Book Maxi Cab Melbourne it is mandatory that the driver should maintain his Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) to Zero which is as per the requirement set out in section 52(1c) of Road Safety Act 1986
  • It is expected from the driver of Book Maxi Cab Melbourne that he report any incident related to Death of a person, Serious Injury and Attendance by police or health care worker.
  • The driver from Book Maxi Cab Melbourne is authorized to collect a levy of $1 and Tolls as per requirement from the customer if it is not a set price journey, but most of our trips are on set price hence all these things are covered.
  • As per the rule the driver from Book Maxi Cab should make sure that his security camera are always functioning

Refusal of Customer

  • A Maxi Cab driver can refuse the customer if Driver feels Customer is behaving in a threatening & abusing manner, too much drunk. As a passenger you are not suppose to swear at a driver. Remember please that the driver is there to help you so please cooperate with him.
  • A Taxi Maxi driver can refuse the customer if the customer fails to satisfy him about the payment. Taxi driver has the right to ask for an upfront payment it can be cash or card or combination of both. He is supposed to ask appropriate amount and not whatever he thinks.

Special Needs Passenger

  • Book Maxi Cab Melbourne extends its services to passengers with special needs. All our drivers are trained and accredited by Victorian Government for carrying passengers with special needs example, those on Wheel Chair bound and or those with Guide Dogs.
  • Maxi Van with Book Maxi Cab can carry a maximum of Two Wheelchairs and or One Scooter. Driver is expected to carry all the necessary wheelchair restraints and passenger safety belts.
  • Passenger on Scooter should get off the scooter and sit on the seat with belt on.
  • We at Book Maxi Cab Melbourne understand that we are not supposed to turn down people with Guide dogs. Our Maxi cab drivers are expected to get down and open the door and lend a helping hand to the customers with Guide dogs so that they can get to work or attend a doctor's appointment or go to shopping.

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