Popularity of Taxi Service Reasons and Analysis

Posted On: Apr 2,2021

Taxi in Melbourne has been around for over a century now. At one time it was the only option apart from public transport to move from one side of the town to other. But as the days and years passed and with the advent of mobile phones and technology now the common man has more options to choose from instead of just relying on taxi service.

But still after so much of advancements even today taxi remained and will remain number 1 alternate for a quick ride. There are several reasons why. Let's analyze them to find the answer.

Say NO to Surge Pricing

No.1 reason is Taxi service operate with NO SURGE. It doesn't matter if its busy, quiet, or less taxis running or more taxis on the road. Once you find a taxi near me and call them to book one with a fixed price taxi that's it. You won't end up paying anything extra if you are on time and you are going the destination you informed. Such is not the case with Ride shares. They will give you cheap rides at odd times but that loss they try to recover when it's a busy day by surging prices.

Booking your ride home with us will give you peace of mind that no matter how hard you party into, you'll be riding home safely. Melbourne Taxi booked with use are accredited, security checked, driven by quality drivers and even have in-car cameras.

Wheelchair Taxi Melbourne

The second most important reason can be only taxis can provide services to disabled passengers safely in disability taxi. All drivers with Book maxi cab Melbourne are fully trained and government licensed to carry disable passenger in a wheelchair taxi with proper belts to hold him tight and firm. Taxi companies and operators have to bear lot of expenses is which other ride sharing companies won't be able to make it.

We recognize WAVs have a vital role in delivering transport services for passengers in wheelchairs by providing people a level of mobility not offered by other services such as trains, trams and buses.

The driver must undergo training for two weeks to be able to qualify to drive taxi with wheelchair access. The training is extensive and it covers every safety and health aspect which the driver can face while on the road with a disable passenger on board. Please refer to Driver accreditation for wheelchair taxi for more information

These maxi cabs with wheelchair access have to undergo quarterly quality testing to make sure that it is safe and capable enough to do the job.

Our fleet of disability taxi provide services all around Melbourne including wheelchair taxi at Melbourne airport and Avalon airport.

Maxi cab Services to Melbourne Airport:

When you plan a trip with your family for an interstate or international destination no matter how hard you try but you end up with piles of luggage to carry with you along with your family. In this scene the only viable cheap and best option available is to call a maxi cab to airport instead of ending up calling multiple taxis or ride share cars. First of all, it will be peace of mind all the group members and luggage goes together and secondly you won't end up paying a fortune to reach out to airport.

with heavy luggage you don't need to do lifting and un-lift. Every maxi cab comes with a wheelchair accessible ramp which can be used to load and unload the luggage at one go. So give up the worry of heavy luggage.

When you book a maxi cab to airport with us you will be quickly provided with a confirmation SMS and the driver will be in touch with you half an hour before the due time and will update you with plate number. We do fix price and metered fare depending on customer choice. To find what is best for you please refer Fixed fare: pay and go

Please remember that every card transaction done in taxis across Australia will attract a service fee of 5% charged by your financial institute. No extra charges on Cash payment. Please refer Cabcharge to know more.


Please refer Taxi to Melbourne airport for more information

How many does maxi cab fits?

So, let's address this very common doubt.

A very famous and common question which most of the passengers ask while making a booking. Every maxi cab is designed to carry up to a max of 11 passengers plus the driver. So, the total including the driver will be 12.

Such big group is not possible to travel together in any other ride sharing cars.

alright if such a big group can travel together how does the pricing works? well if you are thinking that it's charged per passengers then you are wrong. It's a metered fare. it doesn't matter if it's a short fare or long trip you will be charged whatever on the meter is. For more such common question please visit our FAQ section.

Day Trips in Melbourne

If you are looking for a personal driver with full comfort, then you are at the correct place. We have special packages for day trip around Melbourne. We have categorized the trips into Short trips and Long trips covering various destinations. Please visit Melbourne taxi for day trips for more details.

Above were a few reasons why taxi will remain popular mode of transport now and forever.

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