Benefits of Maxi Cab in Covid Pandemic

Posted On: Jun 14, 2021

At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had impacted all mobility modes, including maxi cabs& taxis. The impact has resulted in a decrease in ridership and therefore a decrease in revenues and additional costs. In such disturbing circumstances, it will not be an easy task to travel in public transport with people scrambled in a closed space. Taxi plays an important role in such pandemic. Ensuring both drivers and passengers adhere to public safety measures is the key to safely travelling in a Melbourne airport taxi.

The most recent outbreak in Melbourne which caused extended lockdown has affected most of the bus routes, train routes and tram routes but there was no report of any taxis getting or are involved in any sort of transmission of the virus. This in itself is very strong proof that how safe is taxi travel.

To be safe in public transport you have to take some precautions like travelling in off-peak hours but imagine if you have to catch up with something which cannot wait for peak hour then how can you be safe? Such are the instances where maxi cabs and Melbourne taxis can be of much use.

When you hire a taxi with .Book maxi cab will be sure that the taxi turning up will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every trip. Maxi cab owners must have a digital record-keeping system, such as a .QR code, available in their vehicle for passengers to check-in.From 28 May,taxis in Melbourne must provide a Victorian Government QR Code in their vehicle for occupants to check into using the Service Victoria app.

After every trip, we request our drivers to do a thorough cleaning of the high touchpoints such as Door handles, Seat Belts, Windows, EFTPOS machine etc. This is to make sure that whoever does the next maxi cab booking they are safe from any transmission of Virus. Apart from this, all our drivers put up wearing face masks and gloves when required and we urge all our customers travelling with us to please put up the face mask to break the transmission chain

The chances of the Covid-19 virus contaminating surfaces in Melbourne airport taxis are extremely low. When arranging a ride with more than two passengers, considering maxi cab booking. The more you focus on .Covid Safe Maxi Cabs, the less chance there is of contracting the virus when using a taxi

Most of the Melbourne maxi cabs working with us comes with a Driver/protector shield which acts as a barrier to keep the driver safe from the customer. Not only from any sort of virus but also any wrongdoing or mischievous customers. Such shields protect both drivers & passengers coming in direct contact.

All taxis with maxi cab Melbourne are equipped with Extra masks, alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer and Sanitizing Wipes which we offer to our customers as and when required. Such effort is not possible in any form of public transport. They can do cleaning at the end of each shift only since it is highly impossible for any form of public transport like Train, Tram or bus to do cleaning after every passenger get down.

Since we provide .wheelchair taxi Melbourne.service as we make sure that all the belts and strings which are used to attach a wheelchair in the taxi are thoroughly sanitized as they are the most vulnerable group to such virus as SARS COV-2.

We highly recommend that all maxi cab Melbourne drivers are tested regularly (at least once every eight weeks) for coronavirus (COVID-19). The tests will help keep you and others safe.

Not only wheelchair taxi since we also cater taxi with baby seat and taxi with car seat which makes our drivers get in contact with people all the age groups that's why we highly recommend our drivers to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

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